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    Paul 6:42 pm on August 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    So #MCC has yet another website. Is it worth the money? only a tax paying resident can answer that one. Do I think its worth the money?
    Well, firstly I don’t know how much it cost, yet. And secondly, no – why? well where to start…

    Monmouthshire council have for several years shown a backward thought process in web, e-commerce and information to its citizens. This has not changed since the council made me redundant, and I am sure it will continue for the life of its current leaders (I use this word in the loosest sense)

    The website has been built on WordPress, and very badly (see loading times as example) and the page content has been forgotten as an after thought – see comments of dead pages missing links and my personal attempt to register left be fed up waiting. When I tried to reset a password, I got a reCaptcha error – a Council using this – the most ANTI ACCESSIBLE test on the planet – and they use this badly to stop access – not on purpose but due to lack of skills, knowledge and professional experience…

    Over all the website is bland, dull and almost useless. Speed is slow to donkey like, graphics boring and lifeless – overall for a local authority website, I give this 2/10 better than the last attempt, but a country mile from the days of my sites and being 2nd in Wales. They may get 20th* if they are lucky next March, unless some serious work is done soon…

    • Yes there are still 20 authorities in Wales…

    Value for money? No of course not… if this site cost more then £5,000 they and the tax payer have been ripped off. The reality is I bet it cost well over £20k…

    Mcc’s problem is still a basic lack of professional Web staff and anyone that know what is needed, how to do it, and when – simple problems that only experience can deliver. Something no one has at Mcc, it still appears.

    They might as well launch a wikki and let the tax payers populate it themselves, at least it will be by the people for the people…

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    Paul 10:09 am on June 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations to #TorfaenCouncil on the launch of the NEW website http://www.torfaen.gov.uk very nice, and miles better than the current #Monmouthshire site which has rotted badly since I was made redundant last year – this must be an ominous sign that Monmouthshire are doomed to become 22nd, and last in Wales after tasting six years of being one of the best – proves that a website needs a force behind it that knows what he is doing!

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    Paul 12:56 pm on March 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Not “Better Connected 2012” in some areas… 

    Better connected 2012 shows today that not only are local authority sites making small improvements, but they are constanly playing cat-up with technology and customer demand.

    The sites that reach the holy grail of 3 stars are still ugly complex beasts and fail totally to address the key feature of “responsive”.

    It is especially sad to see my former employers Monmouthshire Council again drop to almost new lows in the table. As some will know when I started Mcc was 22nd in Wales. We launched the Jadu website and achieved 2nd in Wales only for funding and staffing to be withdrawn, last year they were 5th in Wales. Since my redundancy and a lack of any professional web staff at Mcc they now find themselves 21st only held off the floor by one equally less impressive council site, neighbouring Torfaen Council.

    Where do Mcc and other council go from here, well in my professional view, back to the beginning. They need to re appoint web managers, invest in web teams, and STOP looking at saving money in the main money saving area – the web can save money, but only and if, it is invested in enough, BC12 shows that the majority of councils recognise this and have either continued investment or not cut back. The lower quarter have without doubt (and I know for fact) cut back in all areas on internet spends.

    Better Connected results table for Wales. Based on factual scores only

    To view the results in your area, visit http://www.pezholio.co.uk/betterconnected2012.php for a full listing.

    The Better connected 2012 headline results data is available to all, free of charge under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence which allows sharing and reuse for non-commercial purposes.
    Visit: http://www.socitm.net/download/1149/headline_results_for_public_use

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    Paul 4:24 pm on February 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    So the plot thickens, but still no answers as to what happened with all the money? http://bit.ly/xMyfby

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      Paul 3:42 pm on February 25, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      When will #Torfaen council tell the tax paying public WHAT the money is for, until they do this should not be paid… What really happened?

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    Paul 1:00 pm on September 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    A back like a dartboard… 

    In a final move, my leaving date has been agreed for the 30th September, and as I now have a new job to go to, although being made redundant and being pushed out of a job that is required, my Prince2 cource is cancelled! Why, because although making me redundant my employers do not with to appear as if they value staff and invest in them… I see it as yet another petty reaction, another knife in the back and yet another reason to want to leave as soon as possible. What reason would anyone have to stay in such an unhappy place!

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    Paul 5:35 pm on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Paul is on the move… 

    It is with great joy, happiness and a touch of luck that I am pleased to update you with the news that I have received and accepted a job offer for the role of Web Manager at Welsh Water. A start date is still to be agreed but looks likely to be early to mid-October. Having worked in local authorities for over 12 years this marks a welcomed and long overdue return to the private sector.
    More news soon on me and the new job along with more on why I left Mcc and how it really happened.

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      Paul 10:33 pm on November 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Having given this some thought, it was not luck, and not as a result of help from my previous employer… It was all my extreme hard work and dedication to finding a new job that I would enjoy and wan to do.

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    Paul 5:36 pm on August 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    It is with both joy and sadness that… 

    It is with both joy and sadness that I can finally announce Monmouthshire Council has served me with a redundancy notice. Having endured six weeks of torture knowing that I know want to leave the authority having been stabbed in the back by the consultant pulling the strings, it comes as little surprise that my future will now be elsewhere. Hopefully in the coming days I will be in a position to update my site with news of my future that will cheer up the closing summer days and give me a new and professional direction away from petty and dull council life.
    More news as soon as I have some, but watch this space as I work harder than ever to secure my future role in a professional environment.

    I will however miss many of the staff that I have worked with from the very early days of the job, some more than others, and a few not at all! And more than ever I want to shake, violently the councilors that take decisions with no knowledge of their hapless actions. It is long overdue that councils are re-organised to save waste, waste of time, waste of money and in a few cases waste of oxygen!
    More soon on the truths of what goes on…

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    Paul 3:11 pm on July 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    So cabinet all says yes, in the blink of an eye, with no thought for the work and how this will be done in the future, my job deleted along with others. Can’t help wondering how long it will be, before they regret this factually error ridden decision. Yes Minister was funny, sometimes councils are a joke!

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