5 intranet trends for intranet managers 

The top 5 trends for intranet managers:

1.Metrics; Managers need numbers to understand how the intranet is evolving and as an industry we are slowly approaching consensus on key metrics. European intranet expert Jane McConnell recently published an excellent blog on Intranet metrics: which indicators?, which is highly recommend reading.

2.Mobility; Many employees are spending a lot of time away from their desk and need to have the intranet on their mobile devices. Only three of the ten intranets in the recent Intranet Design Annual 2010 Report from the Nielsen Norman Group supported mobile access.

3.Social; The big buzzword at the moment with social business, social media and obviously also social intranets. Jane McConnell recently stated that 2010 will not be the year of the social intranet based on a survey by Toby Ward. Whether this is happening or not in your enterprise, ‘social’ is a key trend that business managers need to understand.

4.Task-based; Irish intranet expert Gerry McGovern has talked about this for years, e.g. back in 2007 when he published Intranets: what staff really want. Some might call elements of this collaboration, although that term is surrounded by just as much confusion as clarity in the industry

5.Usability; Many intranets still suffer from poor usability, even though several organisations have made significant advancements. As an example the UK Environment Agency have a rare published example of an intranet persona project.