Photo of Me, Paul D JonesHello, and thanks for taking time to read my “ page“.

I’m Paul, a web and graphics professional.
I am originally from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire and currently live in Cardiff, Wales.

I began drawing from a very early age which led me to serve five very enjoyable years as an art student, many years ago.
In the late 1990’s this thing called the Internet started to happen, I got involved right at the beginning with the Western Mail and BT, two of my first real jobs.

Having worked for many years in both graphic design, web design and website management I have over 20 years experience in many areas.

I still remember to this day my first web page – it was rubbish, but at the time it was as good as you got way back in 1996.

My web and graphics skills include:

  • Website design and management
  • Web project management
  • User interface design (including UX, User Experience)
  • Graphic design, logo creation and branding
  • Accessibility of websites
  • Usability of websites
  • Customer journey mapping and development
  • Analytics
  • Content Management Systems (specialist knowlegde of Jadu CMS,  Microsoft Sharepoint and WordPress)

When I’m not updating my sites or designing a blog for a friend, I spend a lot of time on a social media project with my best friend Mr. Richy Thomas – for more information on this visit or the official blog at and if you are very interested visit for a beta test… some parts may not always work.

Other than design and the internet my interests include Welsh club rugby, watching Wales play at the Millennium Stadium and football where I follow Swansea, Cardiff and the mighty Toon Army, Newcastle United. No I’m not from up there, blame Kevin Kegan for my support when I was growing up in the 1980’s.

This site is updated often and all comments are tweeted to, so keep up to date with me, follow @webwales and visit my design consultancy site for further information and exaplease of my varied working career.