Updates to my site

September 10, 2012

I have recently started a series of updates including new features to this website.

During this process access to some or all parts of the site may be resrticted.

Updates so far include:

  • Comments are now fully working and appear on all pages where submitted NEW
  • New ” What others readers read” contextual content to help you around the site.
  • New background on the mid area removing white and softening the appearance.
  • Removal of the skills features from the homepage – not really required.
  • More linked in to Google Analytics for “real time” and “in context” analytics – just for me sorry!
  • Admin and user login using Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn account details. NEW
  • News tickertape scroll bar now on Pauldjones.co.uk and Soapbox linking both sites together more. NEW
  • more soon…

Also I will be adding further content soon including:

  • Further integration with “soapbox” my live twitter site.
  • Downloads & resources for readers.
  • HTML & code snippets examples resource – how to guides… NEW
  • Web forum open to ALL registered users.
  • New News area for updates such as this, already live but not complete.
  • Further development of Services page content.
  • New content on my Examples of Work portfolio.
  • More content added to projects and work already on my portfolio pages.
  • Any suggestions that I receave..?


Thanks for reading and visiting my site and don’t forget, visit my other social accounts from my about page.


  1. admin

    More updates will be listed and added here soon, including a new HTML and code hints and tips section. Also details of the NEW WebWales site will be posted soon.

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