Really Responsive

Hello, and welcome to the new website, officially now in use.
The reason for this site is two fold, firstly to produce a true responsive website using WordPress and the Skeleton Framwork, and secondly to develop my skills in WordPress.

I must say that I have developed skills in theme customisation during this two week project. And I feel I now have a fully “responsive” site. Although the site does not truely work so well in portrait mode on mobile phones, I feel this is acceptable as the size is so small, simple moving to landscape gives the reader a better space to use.

I will continue to develop this site and populate with interesting information over the coming years, and please don’t forget, for all my professional work, and of course for my twitter thoughts.

Please feel free to coment and like everything everywhere, and if you need a web designer, and nobody else can help, give me a ring (or email)!


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Really Responsive, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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