September 10, 2013

 brings to the web, the product lines of Euro Foods Group Limited (EFG).

Working for EFG I was recruited to bring this site to market. Acting as Project Manager, the Caterers Depot project had been drifting for over three years.

Having reviewed the specifications and meeting with the web group and board members I set about working with stake holders to bring this new business to market.

The site was launched closed testing during September 2013. went live the end of September 2013 to all customers existing and new.

The site attracts new customers on a daily basis and is fully working from the Newport Depot, having broke even within weeks of going live. Other depots across the UK will follow soon.

Having worked for the Euro Foods Group Ltd for over eight months, this was the first piece of “real” work to be launch by me in a while.
Although it has taken time, it is by far, my biggest project, by the proverbial country mile.

Not only is this a website, but it is a B2B eCommerce site – putting this simple, it is designed to sell and sell big.
And so far the profit margins are very healthy.

As one of the largest suppliers of Asian cuisine, Euro Foods are now looking to move out into new food and catering sectors – this website is the solution. Built on a platform to offer deliveries across the UK and collections from any of 5 depots across the UK, this website is packed with eCommerce bits and bobs.




As the screen shot above shows (logged in) readers can access the  stock and price without an account. A conscious decision not to put new users/customers off. The site itself is quite small, what makes this site my biggest project is the shear amount of back-end integration with the main Sage database, stock management and warehouse systems. Not to mention the shop collection and tills.

There are over 1100+ product lines available at launch (early September 2013, but this will grow quickly.

The main look and feel or appearance is all my work and is a lot of the design/layout.

All technical work was completed with development and integration partner companies.


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