Project Management

November 14, 2013

Following disasters in Bangladesh Shelim Hussain, CEO of Euro Foods Group decided to take matters into his own hands and launch a new fashion business that would guarantee buyers that a fair price was paid to the workers making items. Creating  a new Fashion website was a new challenge for me but fun. The website […]

September 10, 2013 brings to the web, the product lines of Euro Foods Group Limited (EFG). Working for EFG I was recruited to bring this site to market. Acting as Project Manager, the Caterers Depot project had been drifting for over three years. Having reviewed the specifications and meeting with the web group and […]

October 2, 2012

Following the completion of the original website, this was a short two month project that I managed, acting as Web Manager, Project Manager, Designer and general “doo er”. The budget for this was capped at £10,000 by the technical partner following the previous tender, which I had lead. The new site was built along side […]