Automatic Jetpack plugin KILLS images

March 3, 2013

Latest Update: 26/03/13.

Re install Jetpack, and click configure or more information on Photon, then disable – this will not work if you have the latest Jetpack update & the latest WordPress stable release.

Today, WordPress users around the world are complaining about “Jet Pack” a previously fabulous plugin that helped with many everyday tasks in website running.

However in a recent upgrade WordPress parent company Automtic made an error. Jetpack now includes a tool called Photon which takes all website images and compresses them on an automatic server – NOT LEGAL as no permission was requested.

Further more, the tool is faulty and causing hundreds of complaints on blogs across the world. Many stating that it is the sole inclusion of Photon which is breaking all site post images.

The fix, for now is simple – remove Jet Pack.

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Automatic Jetpack plugin KILLS images, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


  1. admin

    The latest update works 100%, see this site as example…

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